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How To Talk So Teens Will Listen & Listen So Teens Will Talk

how to talk so teens will listen and listen so teenswill talk"Among the best of the best...worthy of any parent's library...Faber and Mazlish have finally written a book for parents of teenagers."  --The Boston Globe

"Addresses modern concerns such as eating disorders and cyber-bullying, an dfilled with examples of how paretns can abruptly cut off communication or get it moving.  Best of all the techniques can be applied to anyone, not just teens." --Chicago Tribune

"Millions who have read and reread How To Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk will no doubt be thrilled with Faber and Mazlish's sequel, How To Talk So Teens Will Listen & Listen So Teens Will Talk...Parents will learn the conversational skills they need to help their teens grow up responsibly and make wise, safe decisions for themselves." --The Library Journal

"Faber and Mazlish provide resourceful ways of coping with the difficult problems of drugs and sex.  Families will be lucky to have the authors' ideas and wisdom-especially at those critical turning points in their teens development." --Dr. Robert U. Akeret, author of Family Tales, Family Wisdom

Based upon the many workshops they ran for parents and teens, separately and together, Faber and Mazlish present communication strategies to ease the tough

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como hablar para que los adolescentes escuchen y como escuchar para que los adolescentes hablen |

transition from childhood to adulthood in a culture they describe as “meaner, ruder, cruder, more materialistic, more sexualized, more violent than ever before.” Whether the problem is curfews, cliques, peer pressure, grades, cyber-bullying, smoking pot, or having sex, parents will learn new ways of dealing with these difficult issues. And, as parents who have used these methods attest, teens are much more likely to open up, think critically, exercise good judgment and even seek advice from adults who know how to talk and listen.

Packed with true stories, typical scenarios, instructive comic strips, and reminder pages that highlight the ideas in each chapter, HOW TO TALK SO TEENS WILL LISTEN & LISTEN SO TEENS WILL TALK demonstrates the communication skills that will give parents the know-how they need to enjoy a mutually respectful relationship with their teenage son or daughter.

Parents will discover how rewarding it can be to:

  • Listen and respond helpfully to their teenager’s concerns
  • Express their own anger or irritation honestly but not hurtfully
  • Use positive alternatives to punishment
  • Help their teens to believe in themselves
  • Solve problems by inviting teens to become part of the solution
  • Take advantage of small opportunities to talk with their teens about drugs and sex without preaching and alienating.

Teenagers will discover:

  • What other kids their age have to say about their conflicts and frustrations
  • Specific skills for getting along better with their friends
  • Respectful ways to voice their annoyan1.69ce with their parents’ behavior

Innovative, down-to-earth, and exceptionally user-friendly, HOW TO TALK SO TEENS WILL LISTEN & LISTEN SO TEENS WILL TALK can make a significant difference in the lives of families, through and beyond the turbulent teenage years..

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